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8 Simple, Actionable Productivity Hacks for Photographers

Work is work; it doesn’t always come easy. Your job could be your passion and ultimate calling but your brain would still prefer to whip up a snack. Unless you’re a particularly lucky individual, snacking won’t pay the bills. You need to get your work done in an efficient and professional manner. You need to [...]
unexpected locations
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5 Unexpected Locations for Your Photography

You could be a marvelous photographer. Your photographs could adhere to the Rule of Thirds and utilize lead-in lines; they could have quality resolution and perfect lighting. While these fundamentals are vital, they are not what make a photograph great. A great photograph includes the basics and also elicits an emotional response. A great photograph [...]
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How To Tune Out the Competition and Focus On Your Own Photos

The photography industry is competitive. Regardless of your niche or location, you will run into other photographers producing beautiful work too. It’s hard not to compare your photos to others around you, but it’s also detrimental to your own process when you do. You may have a photographer crush whose work you follow (and don’t [...]
Tips for New Photographers Feature
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10 Ways New Photographers Can Produce Beautiful Photos

10 Ways New Photographers Can Easily Produce Professional Photos You may find the photography industry intimidating as a beginner photographer. It is definitely a competitive industry. You may wonder, "How can I stand out from other experienced photographers?" But it’s entirely possible to do so--everyone starts somewhere, right?   Today we’re sharing 10 tips to [...]