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How New Photographers Can Gain Experience in the Industry Part I

As it is with any professional career, finding job experience as a new photographer can be pretty daunting. Sure you may have talent, understand your rule of thirds, know how to manipulate the intricacies of your digital camera, and possess a stash of high end equipment, but it’s like trying to get a managerial position [...]
Photography Props
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Take Your Photos Up a Notch & Create Your Own Photography Props

Individuality in the photography world is the key to success. The photos that stand out and make an impression are taken by photographers who truly embrace creative effort. They go beyond the lens and beyond the laptop to produce distinctive work. If you’re looking to make a photo session fun and unique, you should go [...]
Finding Your Voice in Photography World Photographer holding camera at side
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Finding Your Voice in the Midst of the Photography World

We live in an age when it is easy to feel as though our photography is insignificant. In this social media culture, we are constantly inundated with the success of others. As the likes pile up on another person’s photo, your picture (with a measly eleven likes) begins to look a little… trivial. It can [...]
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How To Create the Perfect Welcome Guide for your Clients

You’ve honed your photography into an art worthy of pride, you’ve networked with other photographers, and you even learned to professionally navigate Instagram. The client requests are practically pouring into your inbox, it’s a beautiful thing! But how do you keep the flow of clientele from slowing? How do you truly reel them in? The [...]