Finding Your Voice in the Midst of the Photography World

Finding Your Voice in Photography World Photographer holding camera at side

We live in an age when it is easy to feel as though our photography is insignificant. In this social media culture, we are constantly inundated with the success of others. As the likes pile up on another person’s photo, your picture (with a measly eleven likes) begins to look a little… trivial.

It can be difficult to find your voice in the photography world. In order to make it a little easier, follow these three steps:

  1. Analyze your photography
  2. Fine tune your skills
  3. Find your voice

1. Analyze your photography

If you find yourself angrily creeping through your photography-crush’s Instagram and wishing that your art got as much attention, analyze their work. Instead of fueling your jealousy, learn from their success. Transform your obsessive scrolling into a positive experience by figuring out why you enjoy their art. It could be something as simple as proper lighting or their delightful use of depth of field.

Then use this newfound knowledge to analyze your own photographs.

What makes your style distinctive?

Are you using proficient editing software?

Do you experiment with new techniques?

Finding Your Voice in Photography World Photographer shooting landscape

2. Fine tune your skills

Now that you’ve analyzed your photography, keep your strengths polished and remedy your flaws. If your photos are grainy, check your camera’s ISO settings. If you want to change your depth of field, experiment with the aperture f-stops. If you’d like to capture movement with or without blur, change your shutter speed.

In order to perfect your photography skills, you must be willing to commit plenty of time to it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Steve McCurry didn’t accidentally take “Afghan Girl,” and you can bet that Annie Leibovitz didn’t become the most famous American portrait photographer without practice.
Once you’re confident behind the camera, get confident in front of the computer by perfecting your editing skills. This is easy with our Photoshop products. Our Photoshop Actions make editing quick and professional with a brilliant variety of tools, including the Daily Fresh Blend and Resplendent Collections. If the sky didn’t cooperate during a photo session, use one of our beautiful Sky & Cloud Overlays. Utilize our Textures & Overlays to add fog, bubbles, butterflies, and an incredible assortment of other realistic effects. These editing tools will take your photos to the next level.

Finding Your Voice in Photography World Photographer holding up camera

3. Find your voice

Instructions for finding your voice shouldn’t include a step called “find your voice” but in this case, there isn’t exactly an end to this process. Finding your voice in the photography world is all about gaining the confidence to speak! That’s something you must continue to work on throughout your career as your style fluctuates and technologies advance.

But for now, you know what your photography is made of. It consists of hard and dedicated work, a skilled hand, the tools necessary to make it exceptional, and a unique style that’s all your own.

Your photography can withstand any storm provided you have a strong foundation. And with this confidence, your voice will ring clear in the midst of the photography world.

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