Make editing a breeze and cut down on your editing time with our Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions in this set.

Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions Mini Kit




Not a newborn photographer?

Even if you’re not a newborn photographer, let’s say your cousin just had her first baby and knows you have a nice DSLR camera, so they ask you to take their newborn baby’s first pictures. It’s an honor! But you’re worried about how they will turn out, since you don’t know how to use photoshop let alone retouch a human being’s skin tone in the program.

Our photoshop action tutorials allow you to see how easy our newborn photoshop actions are to apply to your photographs. Your friends and family will admire your new skill of professional photo editing and your secret will be safe with us!

Our Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions Mini Kit provides you with all the tools you need…

The Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions Mini Kit includes easy to define tools, such as the Bye Bye Blue Lips action (bet you can’t guess what it does!), to help you edit your newborn photoshoot in no time at all.

Even if you’re a seasoned newborn photographer who has spent years hand editing all your photos, if you’re looking for a new style for a specific client or you want to save some time as you get busier, our newborn photoshop actions provide a new look and speed up your workflow.

Our wide variety of tools also allow you to be more creative in your edits of newborn photos. When you’re hand editing your photos, it’s hard to keep them all consistent when you’re doing it yourself. And you may not have the time to go through all the steps of hand editing every picture when you add too many creative elements to it. However, our Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions Mini Kit includes a wide variety of tools, making it a breeze to keep your photos consistent and take them to the next level in a fraction of the time.

In addition to the photoshop actions included in our Dreamy Newborn Photoshop Actions Mini Kit, we’ve also added some fun little tricks, such as the blanket fade actions and color cast correction.

Clients want their newborn baby to look like an angel in their newborn photos, but they don’t want their skin to look like plastic! You won’t have a problem giving every newborn creamy, dreamy skin with our newborn actions. Our “Smooth Baby Skin” action takes the guesswork out of achieving beautifully baby soft skin, without losing texture, and is a favorite of many of our newborn photographer customers!

Top off your newborn photo with one of the airy and soft actions: Black & White Bebe, Sweet Dreams, Star Dust, Light N Airy or Dreamland.



  • Smooth Baby Skin
  • 4 Creamy Skin Tones
  • Bye Bye Red Skin
  • Bye Bye Yellow Skin (Jaundice)
  • Bye Bye Blue Lips
  • Color Cast Correction
  • Blanket Fade (Smooth/Soft)
  • Blanket Fade (Subtle/Natural)
  • Spot Sharpening Brush
  • Saturation Brush
  • Desaturation Brush
  • Warm Up
  • Cool Down


  • Star Dust
  • Dreamland
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Light N Airy
  • Black & White Bebe
  • Vignette


For instructions on how to unzip and install your Photoshop Actions, please see the following tutorials:

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Installing Actions into Photoshop / Creative Cloud
Installing Actions into Photoshop Elements

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