Our subtle toning Photoshop actions work beautifully alone or you can combine one or more for a more dramatic effect on your image.

TINTS: Essential Tints II






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  • Boosterific (clean boost)
  • Grande (contrast depth)
  • Color Blast (saturation pop)
  • Acorn (airy beige)
  • Hawk (rusty pop)
  • Seedster (timeless brown)
  • Tangy (orange glow)
  • Mango Splash (warm spread)
  • Yarn Basket (creamy warmth)
  • Marmalade (pinkish orange)
  • Olive Juice (yellowish green)
  • Aura (airy cool/warm)
  • Dewberry (fresh pop)
  • Moonlight (cool depth)
  • Peachy Glow (airy peach)
  • Sweet Tart (cool/warm)
  • Hog Wild (rich pop)
  • Feng Shui (clear boost)
  • Slab (brown depth)
  • Paper Mache (cool contrast)


These one-layer toning TINTS are uncluttered, simple and wonderfully subtle so you can experiment with a new look and feel for your photos in no time!

These subtle Photoshop actions provide toning options you may not have otherwise considered or tried because it’s just not something you would think about. As an experienced photographer, you’re expanding your skill set and client base when you step out of your comfort zone.

We know it can be difficult to know where to start when you want to experiment with a new style. Get out of your creative rut with our subtle tints. They provide a little push in a new direction which will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone for your clients.

Novice photographers or hobbyists can easily experiment with different styles and colors in their photos with these subtle toning Photoshop actions. Regardless of their experience in Photoshop. It’s hard to create a new style or direction in a program you’re not familiar with, so we make it easy for everyone with these toning Photoshop actions.

They still maintain the integrity of your photos, so you won’t have to worry about washing out your image by adjusting one setting too far while experimenting on your own in Photoshop. Get just a hint of help to produce professionally edited photos, even if you don’t have experience in Photoshop, with our toning Photoshop actions.

These subtle toning Photoshop actions work beautifully alone or you can combine one or more for a more dramatic effect on your images. Get creative with them! You can even combine them with other Essential Tints from the first collection of subtle toning Photoshop actions to see how they mix and mingle together and create a unique look for your photos. They are surprisingly easy, intuitive and ideal for those who like it simple and sweet!


For instructions on how to unzip and install your Photoshop Actions, please see the following tutorials:

How to Open Your ZIP file
Installing Actions into Photoshop / Creative Cloud
Installing Actions into Photoshop Elements

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