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Family Style Guides: How To Dress For a Fall Family Photoshoot

Everyone loves the crisp air of Fall and the lovely, natural colors of the season! It’s a wonderful time to take your family photos against the backdrop of golds, auburns, yellows, and browns of the changing leaves with that hint of green still present. Take advantage of the naturally beautiful scenery by grabbing the family and planning a coordinated shoot with a professional photographer.

You’ll be happy you did! But how do you dress up for a Fall family photoshoot?

You can’t just let everyone choose what they want to wear haphazardly! It’s best to plan around the colors of the season, but you don’t want to look too cheesy either. So where is that middle ground where you look great and seasonal, but you don’t look like the poster family for Halloween?


Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and get to planning with this Style Guide:

How To Dress for a Fall Family Photoshoot



1. Don’t be too matchy-matchy!

You obviously want your outfits to be cohesive and compliment the colors in the backdrop of your photos, but you don’t want to make all the boys wear the same sweater vest and the girls all wear the same dress. Instead, choose outfits that work together, finding a common color or combination of colors or even common fabric to use throughout all of your outfits. For instance, let’s say you choose to use a yellow and navy color combination for your photos (which looks warm but still pops against a background of Autumn colors). When you’re planning outfits, you may want to put Mom in a bright yellow dress or cardigan and then use the same yellow as accents in the children’s outfits.

You could even choose one color and have everyone wearing a different shade of that color for a monochrome but cohesive look in your photos. Those won’t appear too matchy either! Avoid having everyone in the family wear a neutral bottom and colorful top. Spread out the colors and try to make it look natural but cohesive.


2. Consider your background.

You should scope out your photoshoot location a day or two before your shoot and before you plan your outfits. If your fall family photoshoot is occurring in the peak of the season, you will probably have a vibrant background of bright reds, yellows, and oranges! If it’s later in the season, you might be working with more brown tones. By checking your photoshoot location, you can see the colors you will be working with before you decide what to wear. If you’re working with a more neutral background, like brown leaves, you don’t want to blend right in by wearing tans or creams yourself. Instead, go for brighter colors in that scenario.

Maybe you find you’ll be working with a background full of vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. In that case, neutrals may make you stand out from all the other bright colors. Wearing a dark navy with a bright yellow background creates the right amount of contrast and a beautiful color palette for your photos.


3. Don’t forget the details.

While you may think that patchwork, trendy scarf is the most beautiful item in your wardrobe right now, you may not always feel this way. Avoid trendy items and opt for more classic pieces. You don’t want to look back on these photos and only see that scarf which you now think is hideous! A classic, cashmere scarf in a neutral color is timeless. Also remember this when you’re choosing other Fall weather appropriate accessories like hats, gloves and your shoes. Stick with the classic options instead of trying to wear your trendy, seasonal items you may hate the next season.


4. Establish a dress code.

If you’re including extended family members or just have children who have grown up and no longer live with you, then chances are you won’t have the opportunity to approve their outfit before they leave the house for the photoshoot. In this case, establish a dress code and make sure everyone involved is aware of what you mean when you say “dressy.” When some people think dressy, they imagine a black tie affair.

On the other hand, some people think this just means a button-up flannel shirt instead of a t-shirt. Make the dress code clear to everyone involved so you don’t have a mix of styles in your photos. They won’t look cohesive at all! Also, think about where you are taking your photos when determining the dress code for your photoshoot. If you want very formal photos, you probably shouldn’t plan to take them in the middle of a park, jumping in a pile of leaves. You can still take pictures outside while dressing formally, but you limit your photo options.

If you want a traditional Fall, leaf pile picture, it’s best to go for a more polished but casual dress code. You don’t want to be jumping around in a pile of leaves in a dress! But jeans and a nice blouse? That looks more natural.


5. Wear what makes you feel good!

This advice may seem silly. After all, you may think, I want to look my best so I want to wear this new dress I got that is a little tight but it’s really fancy. And that’s fine! But remember, if you’re uncomfortable it will show in your photos. And if you try to dress your children in clothes they don’t feel comfortable in, they will pitch a fit!

While you definitely don’t want your daughter to wear her Toy Story t-shirt, because this is distracting and takes away from the professional photographs, you don’t want to put her in a dress she’s going to be fidgeting in throughout the entire photoshoot either. Try to find a middle ground where everyone is cohesive while still comfortable for the best photos.


What do you do to prepare for your Fall family’s photo shoot?




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