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The Best Way to Use Our Free Photoshop Actions

5 Essential Brush-On Photoshop Actions

The essentials, for free! This collection of brush-on actions includes:

  • color vibrance,
  • adjustable contrast,
  • spot sharpening,
  • and warming and cooling tools.

It’s perfect for basic editing that takes your photographs from raw and uncut to beautifully enhanced. These tools are easy to use and fit for every occasion.

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Photoshop Action Sharpen for Web & Facebook


Have you ever noticed that your photographs lose their quality when you upload them to Facebook or to your blog? We can fix that - for free! You want your images to look crisp and clear but some websites can’t handle the high quality image files. You can go through the time consuming process of manually resizing your image or you can download this freebie for a quick and reliable solution.



Photoshop Action Watermark Creator


A watermark gives your photographs an unmistakably professional punch. It also saves your images from online theft! Because the internet is not as wholesome as you’d like to think, watermarks are a necessity. With this action, you can choose a font that fits your style and an opacity which makes a bold statement or a gentle reminder. You can also change the color and size, making your watermark completely unique to you. 



Photoshop Action Texture Applicator


Do you ever look at a photograph and wonder why it’s not quite right? The composition is great, the lighting is perfect, the subject is beautiful… it just needs a little extra “oomf.” It needs some depth, some texture! This Photoshop action allows you to add texture without compromising the other aspects of your photograph, like tone. It’s a simple and efficient way to take your photographs to the next level.


The best thing about our freebies is they’re useful for everyone. Every style and every photograph can be enhanced with these Photoshop actions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist, these actions speed up your workflow and make life simpler.



Did we mention they’re free? Yeah, free.

Snag your free Photoshop Actions for Photographers and hobbyists alike!



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