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How New Photographers Can Gain Experience in the Industry Part II

Last month, we began sharing ways a novice photographer can gain experience in the photography industry. It can be difficult to get started in the photography industry without any experience, and it stands to reason that clients want to work with experienced photographers. So the question is, how do you get your start in the photography industry?


To recap, last month we shared these tips for creating a name for yourself as a photographer.

  1. Start building your portfolio earlier rather than later
  2. Communicate with your muses
  3. Continue taking any opportunity given to you


And today we are sharing a couple more ways you can gain experience and get your foot in the door!

  1. Expand your knowledge with cross curricular courses
  2. Sell your personality



4. Continue your education

Since many new photographers are typically self-employed, that means they are having to run their own businesses. Also, if you are working for a professional photographer, often times these photographers need a little help with a second shooter, but they require help with the administrative work. This is obviously not always the most exciting parts of the job, but incredibly necessary. Here’s some advice: while you’re searching for experience in the professional field, why not gain some skills that make you invaluable to a future employer or for your own business? For example, enroll at a local college in a business, finance, accounting, or marketing class where you can start gaining knowledge about how to run your own business and do administrative work. Classes like these will give you knowledge that can set you apart from other competitors at the same stage as you. They can help make you a candidate for other positions that are available and necessary in the photography world.  



5. Sell your personality and style

Remember that although you are taking pictures for other people and for other purposes, your pictures are still always considered your own work. Which means that you have to bring them to life. Employers and clients want to hire someone that they can get along with and that has a creative and personable edge over all of the other prospective candidates. It is imperative that you establish a personable image in your pictures and also in the way that you approach all aspects of your job. Employers are looking for photographers that are dedicated, qualified, creative, and determined to do their best work every chance they get, and it is your job as an upcoming photographer to prove you have what it takes and are worth their investment.



Ultimately, gaining experience in the professional photography industry is going to require time, patience, courage, and humility. There are going to be moments where you feel like giving up or that your work is invaluable. You must be willing to humbly accept criticism as a way of learning and also build an image for yourself from the ground up. 



Photography is not a profession for the faint of heart,
but it is one that is incredibly rewarding and valuable.



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