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TUTORIAL : How to Edit Your Autumn Images with the Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to transform your images into something of autumn beauty, using the Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions. This set is so incredibly versatile, and I want to demonstrate that by showing you how easy it is to not only use these actions on your regular, everyday images, but also to create gorgeous fall images with a few quick tweaks!

Let's get started!



Quick Recipe:

  1. PRIMER: Rich Lavish
  2. ENRICH: Crazy Deep Dark
  3. TRANSFORM: Cinnamon Fusion
  4. CREAMIFY: Silky Glow
  5. ILLUMINATE: Floating Light (Creamy)
  6. ILLUMINATE: Sunbeam (Center)





Open your image. I like to use my actions in "Button Mode" so that I can see my actions color coded (I'm OCD like that ;) ). To use button mode, simply click on the downward facing arrow in your actions panel, and select "Button Mode".




Because I wanted to go with a rich, colorful edit on this, I chose to run "PRIMER | Rich Lavish".




Within the PRIMER: Rich Lavish folder, I activated the "+ WARMER" layer, to emphasize the warmth of autumn and pushed it to 100% opacity. I also activated the "+DARKER" and "+CONTRAST" layers (by clicking on the "eye" icon to the left of the layer) to add a bit more depth and pop! I used the layer masks (and a soft black brush) to brush off any contrast or darkness I didn't want.



So here's a before and after of the "PRIMER: Rich Lavish" Action:


 I probably could have finished my edit there with that one action because I LOVE what that action did for this image, but I decided to go for a more dramatic edit with this particular photo.



Next, I wanted to darken the light dirt around her feet and add a bit more of a vignette, so I ran the "ENRICH | Crazy Deep Dark" action to really darken things up, then I used a black brush to brush off the effect on areas that I wanted to keep lighter.




Now I wanted to add a heavy, warm glaze over the image, so I ran "TRANSFORM | Cinnamon Fusion", which gave this image gorgeous red/yellow toning!




Next, I felt like this image needed somewhat of a dreamy "glow", so I ran the "CREAMIFY | Silky Glow" action, then brushed the effect off my subject so that she would be nice and clear, as this action lends somewhat of a softening/blurring effect.




And finally, I wanted to add some LIGHT, so I ran two ILLUMINATE actions: 1.) ILLUMINATE: Floating Light (Creamy) and 2.) ILLUMINATE: Sunbeams (Center) and positioned both above her, then used my layer masks and a soft black brush to brush off a bit of light from her face.


And that's it! I love the dramatic richness, and autumn colors that are evoked in this image! IF you want to add a little more movement and interest, you can do the following optional step, which I am obsessed with ;)



Using our Leaf & Branch Overlays, place the "Falling Leaves 5" overlay to add a gust of windy leaves to your image. Simply click FILE > PLACE, choose the overlay, then place it on your image. If you'd like to remove any leaves, simply add a layer mask, then use a soft, black brush to brush off the leaves from your image. I LOVE the final effect it gives my image!



Here are the final before and afters. Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial! Be sure to pin for later, and share with your friends!


Until next time!


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