1. Recipes: Pumpkin Spice Autumn Actions
    We've cooked up a few editing recipes with our NEW Pumpkin Spice Autumn Actions and are excited to share them with you below (as well ...
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  2. Different Types of Reflectors
    Reflectors are a great way to manipulate light, especially for natural light photography. Reflectors allow you to “bounce light” onto your subject ...
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  3. Tips For Taking Great Images At Night
    Night photography can be a little tricky for beginners because the settings used are the complete opposite of what we use to shoot in the daytime. ...
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  4. Simple Ways To Use Flash To Your Advantage
    With digital cameras becoming so advanced in picking up on natural light, we almost rarely “need” to use flash to create more light. Of course in s...
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  5. Product/Ad Photography
    There is a large demand for product photographers in the industry. When consumers are browsing online stores/sites, magazines, or other types of ad...
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  6. Preparing To Photograph A Wedding
    Wedding photography isn’t for everyone. It requires a ton of pre-planning, patience, and knowledge. Weddings can’t be re-shot should something go w...
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  7. Understanding DSLR Priority Modes
    When you purchase your first DSLR camera, you will need to invest some time in learning your way around all of the little buttons, dials,...
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  8. Tips For Taking Beautiful Landscape Photos
    Landscape photography is different than portrait photography. Rather than shooting people and objects, you are simply shooting natural things in th...
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  9. Still Life Photography Tips and Tricks
    Still life photography is a great way to find ordinary every objects and create visually appealing images, taking the objects from boring and simpl...
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  10. Tips For Shooting Street Photography
    Street photography is very different than your ordinary day to day portraits. What makes it different? What should you be looking for? Where should...
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  11. Different Types of Cameras And Their Uses
    There are many types and brands of cameras on the market to choose from. They range drastically in size, price, and digital capabilities. Knowing w...
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  12. Real Estate Photography Tips
    The real estate market is very competitive. People are always moving to different cities for different reasons. New subdivisions are constantly und...
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