3 Smartphone Apps Every Outdoor Photographer Needs

3 Smartphone Apps Every Outdoor Photographer Needs

by Bellevue Avenue

If you’re a professional, working photographer, you typically don’t want to use your iPhone or Android phone as a camera. Of course, apps like VSCO Cam and other photo editing apps make it easy for anyone to take a good picture and make it more interesting and sharper. But ultimately, a smartphone photograph will never be as good as one taken with a professional camera by a photographer. So today we’re sharing some of the best smartphone apps that will support a professional photographer and help you create your best work.


Top 3 Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Photographers



1. Dark Sky

While studio photographers don’t have too many issues with the weather, many photographers shoot outdoors quite a bit. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Wedding Photographers
  • Landscape Photographers
  • Senior Photographers
  • Family Portrait Photographers
  • And more.

And often these photographers run into issues where it’s raining during their scheduled shoot or there’s just a chance of rain, but the shoot is cancelled because it’s hard to predict whether the rain will conflict.

The Dark Sky app provides hyperlocal weather information so you can find out the minute rain will start or end right where you are standing. It also provides the normal weather information such as the current temperature, highs and lows, and the forecast, but it’s able to tell you the exact moment it will begin raining, so you can plan out your photoshoot around it instead of rescheduling again!



2. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

This app is also helpful to photographers who often shoot outside. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a comprehensive smartphone app you should definitely download and keep accessible! This app is a “map-centric sun and moon calculator,” so you can see where the sunlight or moonlight will land, anywhere on Earth, at the specific time and place when and where you’re planning your outdoor photoshoot. In addition, the app can even give you an idea of shadow lengths in these specific areas!

On top of those unique features, The Photographer’s Ephemeris also allows you to create a shot list in preparation for your upcoming shoots. You can keep all the related information together in this app, tracking the lighting and referring to your list of ideal shots all in one place! Organizing and planning a shoot ahead always results in stellar photos, so anything that will make that process easier helps you step up your game!



3. AyeTides

This is a great app if you’re shooting in a coastal area and need beautiful beach shots. Whether you’re trying to photograph a family on the beach or get a landscape shot of some rocks near the shore, you don’t want to plan to shoot without consulting the tides! This app displays the tides, and even the currents, for 12,000+ locations all across the globe. While this app is marketed toward pilots and sailors, you can use it to plan the perfect beach shots without wasting any time waiting on the tides to change. Plan your photoshoot for the optimal time with the foresight this app provides.



Do you use other apps, like Google Earth, regularly when planning your outdoor or landscape shoots? Share them in the comments below!




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