Creating Amazing Images Using Any Location

Creating Amazing Images Using Any Location

by Sparkle Hill

As photographers, we are always on the lookout for amazing locations with the perfect background. One thing I have learned over the years is that you can get great images from even "not so ideal" locations. With a little thinking outside of the box, and creative framing, you can find wonderful photo opportunities just about anywhere! Below are some examples of images I have taken in areas that I typically wouldn't seek out as a photographer. 



Both of the above images were taken in my front yard.

I lived in a pretty busy neighborhood at the time, with a good bit of homes and vehicles surrounding me. But zooming in and using a wide aperture helped me to avoid any distractions in my photos. 




The above images were taken in my kitchen.

I added a sky overlay in the window shot, and water to the paper boats image. For the black and white image I simply placed my daughter on the floor, got on her level, and framed the image so that things like appliances, kitchen cabinets, etc. were not visible. Again, it's all about the framing!



This self portrait was also taken in my kitchen.

I positioned myself facing the window so that I could take advantage of the natural lighting. It's amazing what you can do with a tripod and remote and an empty wall. 



Old brick walls found in city streets can always make for beautiful images.

Using this wall has always been an easy way to bring texture to my images. You would never guess that there was traffic and random strangers walking behind me in this shot. 



This last image was taken on a paved concrete path at a local park.

It was very busy that day, so had to work with every area I could. I used the grey concrete path as my background, and again positioned myself on her level and shot with a wide aperture to keep the focus on her. 


Do not always assume that you have to have the absolute perfect location to get gorgeous images!

Instead of always focusing on the entire surrounding areas, start looking for simple things that can work as great backgrounds. Keep the focus on your subject and pay close attention to everything in the frame before you click that shutter. You may just be surprised what you end up with!


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Hi There, my name is Jamie and I would just like to say that I really like you Pinterest Post. It frustrates me when I see all these expensive back drops and I think how can I afford those! I try to use everyday locations when I photograph and then hope that it works as I can’t afford a Studio or expensive props.


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