Take Your Photos Up a Notch & Create Your Own Photography Props

Take Your Photos Up a Notch & Create Your Own Photography Props

by Bellevue Avenue

Individuality in the photography world is the key to success. The photos that stand out and make an impression are taken by photographers who truly embrace creative effort. They go beyond the lens and beyond the laptop to produce distinctive work. If you’re looking to make a photo session fun and unique, you should go beyond the aperture and get your hands dirty. It’s time to channel your inner craft-master. Making your own props for a photo session is so rewarding. First of all, the only thing better than making money is saving money. If you skip the trip to Target and create your own props, you’ll cut down on expenses and create something that no one else has. Props also make sessions more fun! They give photos a quirky and cool feeling, something characteristic of your photography. You can make props for specific clients or use them for many sessions, depending on their versatility. Whether you’re a newborn photographer, wedding photographer, novice photographer, or professional photographer - these do-it-yourself prop tutorials will get your craft juices pumping.


1. Beautiful backdrops

You could spring for an expensive, professional, white backdrop or you could go low budget and make your own interesting backdrop! Who knew that stringing a bag of marshmallows and hanging them from the ceiling could look so chic? Fold tissue paper into large flowers for a fun and colorful backdrop. Hang color coordinated fabric strips for a pretty, country feeling. There are so many stunning DIY backdrop ideas that you can utilize and alter to fit your style and your client’s needs. Click here for detailed tutorials to create your own backdrop!



2. Adorable newborn props

Nests, nests, and more nests! Nothing is cuter than a newborn baby in a nest; it’s science. The nest itself is as easy as a few grape vine wreaths. The decorations are anything you can imagine: feathers, sequins, bugs, or buttons! Anything is possible with a glue gun and a can-do attitude. Click here for a tutorial on the basic nest and then you can give it your own spin! Remember to make the nest baby-friendly! If your chubby little client swallows a fake flower, the session will definitely be cut short.



3. Spread a little love

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, candy hearts and Cupid’s arrows are flying through the air. Fortunately, love is always in season so you can use these props all year round. Create a few painted signs with sweet, romantic sayings on them, or even go all out with larger-than-life props, like the one pictured above. The sheer size of this balloon heart will blow your clients away! Click here to take this tutorial and make it your own. If you are not excited about blowing up forty balloons, try a burlap heart banner. This simple craft can hang as a backdrop or your clients can hold it between them as they walk down the metaphorical road of looove. Click here for the full tutorial!



4. Chalk it up!

What’s the 21st century without a chalkboard? Before you mention the invention and proliferation of white boards, listen: the chalkboard has been transformed from basic classroom tool to sophisticated décor. You can create a chalkboard backdrop or a portable sign for a tiny ring-bearer to carry down the aisle. The best part about this prop is that it can say, “I said yes!” in November and then, “Look out, Uncle Charlie! Here comes the bride!” in January. So you can use them for both your engagement, wedding, or even newborn photoshoot, as their family grows! With a little water, a stick of chalk and a stencil, this prop is the most versatile of them all. It’s also a great way to create your own backdrop for a photobooth at a wedding! If you click here you can learn how to make your own chalkboard with a piece of plywood! And if you click here, you can find some great inspiration for decorating your chalkboard for an upcoming wedding or engagement photoshoot.




Being a successful photographer isn’t always about navigating Photoshop. You have to be willing to take that extra step; staple the flowers, paint the wood pallet, build a bird’s nest. With these helpful and inspiring tutorials, you’ll be well on your way to creative genius. Now grab your overalls and craft your way to incredible images!



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