How to Increase Efficiency & Speed Up Your Photo Editing Workflow

How to Increase Efficiency & Speed Up Your Photo Editing Workflow

by Bellevue Avenue

Editing photographs can get a bit tedious after the sixteenth picture of your subject in the same position from a slightly different angle. Even though creating a finished product is satisfying, pushing through hundreds of photographs can take a lot of time. You don’t want to sacrifice the integrity of your art but you need to speed up the editing process.


Here’s how you can become a more efficient photo editor:


  1. Eliminate the excess
  2. Use efficient editing software
  3. Stay focused



1. Eliminate the excess

    In a group of two hundred photographs, there are bound to be a few duds. These pictures are blurry, uninteresting, or even accidental photos of someone’s shoes. Throw them out. Don’t waste your time trying to fix the unfixable flops. Some photos just don’t turn out right; accept it and eliminate them. Move on to your excellent (or at least redeemable) photos that could make it to the living room wall. This will cut down your editing time considerably.


    2. Use efficient photo editing software

      Bellevue Avenue offers a variety of efficient photo editing tools. Our Photoshop Actions make editing quick and easy. These image-enhancing tools were created specifically to speed up your workflow and give your photographs a creative and professional appearance. With the click of a button, you’ll achieve hours’ worth of editing work! Use our Photoshop Actions to speed up your photo editing workflow and also to test out new styles and techniques with your photos.



      Our Photoshop Actions give you the ability to edit each layer and add your own touch, making it easier and quicker for you to experiment with your editing style. And you can use our Photoshop products for full photo editing, adding specific effects, like snow, or giving your photos more depth and texture. Using good editing software is essential if you have the need for professional speed. Again, you don’t want to use inferior tools because they produce inferior results. Use the best tools available to create the best photos imaginable.


      3. Stay focused

        The easiest way to waste five days on a two day job is to lose focus. Leave the distractions at the door and treat your desk as a sacred space dedicated to work only. It’s easy to get distracted when your desk is cluttered! And your email, social media, and cell phone can wait until you get through a cluster of photos. Stay focused on the task at hand and give your art the attention it warrants.



        Editing can be inefficient and time consuming unless you work to speed it up. It’s easy to apply the same old filter to every photograph in an effort to get through an album quickly but you’re more creative than that. Your clients and your art deserve the very best. Use your best photographs, use the best editing tools, and give it all of your attention.



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