8 Simple, Actionable Productivity Hacks for Photographers

8 Simple, Actionable Productivity Hacks for Photographers

by Bellevue Avenue

Work is work; it doesn’t always come easy.

Your job could be your passion and ultimate calling but your brain would still prefer to whip up a snack. Unless you’re a particularly lucky individual, snacking won’t pay the bills. You need to get your work done in an efficient and professional manner. You need to be productive. There are times when productivity feels unattainable or just beyond your grasp. Although it does take discipline and determination to focus on work, you can do it!




If you’re feeling discouraged, practice these eight simple productivity hacks:



1. Do not multitask!

You may think that you’re accomplishing more by working on twelve things at once; however, your brain disagrees. Your work is better when you focus on one thing at a time. Number your to-do list from most important to least important and start at the top. Accomplish one task at a time and then move on to the next one.


2. Dump the distractions.

Turn your cell phone off! Facebook, Twitter, and thirty GroupMe messages that don’t pertain to you can wait until your work is finished. Turn off the television, turn down the music, and find a quiet place to work. Unless you’re using that iPad for work, put it away! Your brain needs time to focus and every distraction just sets you back.


3. Crunch time!

If you find yourself stuck on a particularly challenging photograph edit, turn your office into a gym for five minutes. Try an intimidating yoga pose that you saw online or keep it simple with lunges and sit-ups. A miniature workout is refreshing and helps the creativity flow.


4. Reward yourself.

If you’re a planner, you probably get a rush from checking off your to-do list as you finish each task. If that isn’t satisfying enough for you, try rewarding yourself in another way. Eat a healthy snack after thirty minutes of dedicated attention to your work. When you finish a big task, take a walk to get some fresh air. Give yourself an incentive to work hard and work well.


5. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your work.

It is so easy to fly through a folder of photographs just to be done with them. If you rush through your work, it may not turn out right. Give each task your undivided attention, take your time, and make every photo the best photo.


6. Beware laziness disguised as productivity!

Don’t convince yourself that checking your email is productive. It’s a distraction, a way of pretending to be productive while avoiding your actual responsibilities. No, you don’t need to clean the oven. That oil change can wait too. Get to work.


7. Discuss your work with a colleague.

Talking about your work aloud can solve those unsolvable problems. Sometimes all it takes is a suggestion from a colleague or friend to start a wave of inspiration. Try not to veer off-topic or disguise distraction as collaboration (refer to #6).


8. Try something new.

Our Photoshop actions for photographers make it easy to gain some inspiration and try something new. You can find all of our Photoshop actions here and browse through all of our options. All of our Photoshop actions will streamline your workflow, so it’s easier to stay on task when you can get it done so quickly and easily! They also make it easy to try new things for clients or for your own photographs.




Productivity is not elusive. It isn’t a mysterious, supernatural state of focus that only certain people can obtain. It simply takes practice. Football players don’t get to the Super Bowl by procrastinating. They get there by spending every spare minute on the field, perfecting their trade. Now go perfect your own trade! Get your work done!





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