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Motivation and Mindset

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    The Benefits of Networking with Other Professional Photographers

    Regardless of your profession, it is critical that you communicate with other people. Job descriptions almost always include “strong communication skills,” and it is what people are looking for when they hire. Professional photography is no different, especially if you are running your own busine... View Post
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    How To Save Time Running Your Own Photography Business

    There’s a common misconception that entrepreneurs start a business, then sit back and watch the cash flow in. People think that you have the freedom to vacation for months at a time without worry or work. You know from experience those people are just plain wrong. Being your own boss is occasiona... View Post
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    How to Increase Efficiency & Speed Up Your Photo Editing Workflow

    Editing photographs can get a bit tedious after the sixteenth picture of your subject in the same position from a slightly different angle. Even though creating a finished product is satisfying, pushing through hundreds of photographs can take a lot of time. You don’t want to sacrifice the integr... View Post
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    Finding Your Voice in the Midst of the Photography World

    We live in an age when it is easy to feel as though our photography is insignificant. In this social media culture, we are constantly inundated with the success of others. As the likes pile up on another person’s photo, your picture (with a measly eleven likes) begins to look a little… trivial.  ... View Post
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    8 Simple, Actionable Productivity Hacks for Photographers

    Work is work; it doesn’t always come easy. Your job could be your passion and ultimate calling but your brain would still prefer to whip up a snack. Unless you’re a particularly lucky individual, snacking won’t pay the bills. You need to get your work done in an efficient and professional manner.... View Post
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    How To Tune Out the Competition and Focus On Your Own Photos

    The photography industry is competitive. Regardless of your niche or location, you will run into other photographers producing beautiful work too. It’s hard not to compare your photos to others around you, but it’s also detrimental to your own process when you do.   You may have a photographer cr... View Post