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  • | Sparkle Hill

    Ten Photographer Blog Ideas

    Whether you are in charge of your own blog, or you hire someone to keep it updated, sometimes finding topics to write about can leave you with writer's block. View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    Creativity is Key: Tips on Branding Your Photography Business

      Creativity is a fundamental attribute of every photographer.   When you get into your artistic groove, ideas for photoshoots come easily and finding or creating your own props becomes part of your enjoyable creative process. Photography is your passion and you thrive in a creative environmen... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    The Benefits of Networking with Other Professional Photographers

    Regardless of your profession, it is critical that you communicate with other people. Job descriptions almost always include “strong communication skills,” and it is what people are looking for when they hire. Professional photography is no different, especially if you are running your own busine... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    Become a Social Media Master and Build Your Photography Business

    What’s the big deal with social media? Posts, likes, comments, shares - what do they really do for your photography? If used properly, social media is free advertisement, acts as a creative outlet, and even helps you build relationships with clients. It allows you to reach and engage with more pe... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    How To Determine The Price of Your Photography Packages

    Confused about how you should be pricing your photography packages? All photographers experience this at the beginning of their careers, it is completely normal. With photography seeming so accessible now, it can be easy to undercharge for your artistic services. Even if you are a novice photogra... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    How New Photographers Can Gain Experience in the Industry Part II

    Last month, we began sharing ways a novice photographer can gain experience in the photography industry. It can be difficult to get started in the photography industry without any experience, and it stands to reason that clients want to work with experienced photographers. So the question is, how... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    How New Photographers Can Gain Experience in the Industry Part I

    As it is with any professional career, finding job experience as a new photographer can be pretty daunting. Sure you may have talent, understand your rule of thirds, know how to manipulate the intricacies of your digital camera, and possess a stash of high end equipment, but it’s like trying to g... View Post
  • | Bellevue Avenue

    How To Create the Perfect Welcome Guide for your Clients

    You’ve honed your photography into an art worthy of pride, you’ve networked with other photographers, and you even learned to professionally navigate Instagram. The client requests are practically pouring into your inbox, it’s a beautiful thing! But how do you keep the flow of clientele from slow... View Post