1. The Basics Of A Layer Mask
    A layer mask is a tool that gives you control of each layer you are working with. It allows you to take a single layer and modify specific areas of the image, rather than global changes on the entire layer.
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  2. How To Extend A Background With Your Images In 3 Easy Steps
    Here is a very simple, 3 step process, to help you easily extend parts of your image.
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  3. Editing Your Summer Images
    Ah, summer; the time for iced drinks, barbeques, colorful clothing, and fireflies. These long days are full of beautiful memories to cherish, and i...
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  4. Putting Your Subject into a Digital Background
    So you're interested in digital backgrounds? Wonderful! To show your subject in the most beautiful location without the hassle of traveling, this i...
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  5. Choosing Tones - Tips for your Photography
    Hi photographers! When you tackle color in Photoshop or other software, do you sometimes get lost? For example, let's say you pull up this portrait...
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  6. Adding Motion to your Photos: Creating gifs in Photoshop
    Animation has been in Photoshop for several years, and if you have the mind to try it, you'll be able to make some beautiful and high quality image...
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  7. TUTORIAL : How to Edit Your Autumn Images with the Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions
    In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to transform your images into something of autumn beauty, using the Daily Fresh Blend Phot...
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  8. Resplendent Collection Photoshop Actions Tutorial by Joanne of Studio 3 Photography
    Check out Joanne's (from Studio 3 Photography) tutorial of the Resplendent Collection Photoshop Actions! We LOVE hearing how you all are using and ...
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