Ten Photographer Blog Ideas

Ten Photographer Blog Ideas

by Sparkle Hill

You are a photographer in marketing...

and organizing your brand content isn't your first forte.

The good news is that blogging is a great solution for figuring out which audiences you'd like to appeal to, as well as a great way to keep traffic flowing to your site!

Sometimes though, finding topics for your blog can leave you with writer's block.

This blog will help you identify which blog topics appeal to you, and what you as a photographer can focus on discussing. Tutorials, camera guides, photography history, inspirational material, product reviews...the potential to teach and share your wisdom is unlimited, and your customers will appreciate you all the more.

If you're someone who is looking to start a blog, or just add to the one you already have, below are some great blog topics to explore. These ideas are meant to be all-purpose and can appeal to many audience types, from other photographers to potential clients.


Some initial tips...

  • Keep your blog entries organized and write in paragraph form, discussing a specific point per paragraph. Include a header to indicate what that paragraph will be about.
  • Use high quality images that will attract the attention of your clients and show off your skills.
  • Correct your grammar and spelling. Avoid too many qualifiers, and use the active voice.
  • If you're unsure about your information, there's no harm in double-checking your facts through research!


That being said... 


10 Blog Ideas

  1. What To Wear To Your Session 
    This type of blog entry is amazing because you can release a new article for every season, holiday, or theme of photography session. Depending on your brand, you can appeal to classic or trendy styles. Think about the style that most fits with your brand, and write from that approach.

  2. Tips On Preparing Children For a Session
    Children can be tough clients! If you have experience in this particular type of session, your tips will be valuable to newbies in the field. Nap time suggestions, items to bring, and preparing children for a session are all great topics to explore.

  3. Session Re-Caps
    Turn your best, most memorable sessions into a story. Give a back story on the subjects, location, and show several samples from those sessions.

  4. Contests/Giveaways
    Blog about your current giveaways and share links to your site and social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to expand your community and create traffic for your business.

  5. Get Personal
    Talk about how you became a photographer. What strikes your passion? What are your favorite types of photography? Do you have an artistic process, or are influenced by other photographers? If you can show yourself candidly, people will be more connected to you and your work.

  6. Your Favorite Local Vendors
    Feature your favorite venues, boutiques, hair and make-up artists. Have those vendors share your blog posts on their end. A great win-win advertising situation!

  7. Show Work From Your Favorite Locations 
    Give both photographers and clients an idea about where photography can be shot while simultaneously showing off your portfolio.

  8. Tips on Ordering Prints 
    Prints are tricky. If you have experience making them and have figured out a system to do so efficiently, your blog will attract a lot of people looking to find out that valuable information.

  9. Multiple Uses of Photography 
    Photographs don't only need to be used as prints! Give your clients ideas about what else they can do with photos, from product creation to digital media making.

  10. The Importance of Hiring a Professional
    An age-old topic that still seems to be misunderstood. Share stories, examples, and opinions about being a professional photographer. Go in depth with the technical skill required to shoot and edit. Bonus points for going into your own creative process and how it has been finessed from years of experience. 


If you have a busy and chaotic life (who doesn't?), set out a chunk of time to write out several blog entries at once. When you've finished that, you can publish entries later on as necessary.

One final tip is to ask, "what does the client want to read?" Try to make a comprehensive collection of blog entries for your readers. They'll walk away with newfound knowledge and will remember where to go for new blog readings.

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