1. Types Of Jobs In The Photography Industry
    When it comes to working in the photography industry, there are multiple jobs that you can do in the field other than being an actual photographer....
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  2. Tips For Photographing Sports
    Sports photography isn’t for everyone. It is usually fast paced and requires you to stay on your toes at all times. There is constant movement and ...
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  3. Macro Photography
    What is macro photography? Macro photography refers to taking close-up images of, usually, small insects, flowers, animals, water droplets, etc. Ho...
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  4. Most Common Types of Lenses And Their Purposes
    When you venture into the world of DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, you will find that are many types and brands to choose from. They vary...
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  5. Photographing Food - Tips & Tricks
    One type of still life photography is food photography. Cookbooks, magazines, and online websites are filled with images that display mouth-waterin...
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  6. Tips For Capturing Great Fall/Autumn Photos
    Autumn (Fall) is a favorite time of year for every photographer to do their photo sessions. The beautiful leaves give you plenty of warm golden ton...
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  7. Using Candid Shots To Your Advantage
    As photographers, we spend a lot of time practicing and mastering posing our subjects. While posed shots are perfectly suitable for many situations, I feel that candid shots are just as crucial to add your sessions
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  8. Finding Different Perspectives During Photoshoots
    Photography is an art. There are rules when it comes to composition and typical every day photos. However, if you start to explore and start seeing things from different angles and perspectives, you can really open up a whole new world to your viewers and yourself.
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  9. The Basics Of A Layer Mask
    A layer mask is a tool that gives you control of each layer you are working with. It allows you to take a single layer and modify specific areas of the image, rather than global changes on the entire layer.
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  10. Creating Amazing Images Using Any Location
    You don't need a picture perfect location to achieve wonderful images.
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  11. Don't Let a Rainy Day Stop Your Session
    My best piece of advice is this: you always have creative control over your shoots, and there's nothing against thinking a bit out of the box! Embracing the rain instead of shunning it led to unique photography and a some lessons that I can now share with you.
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  12. Using High School Senior Reps To Boost Your Photography Business
    One of my favorite genres to shoot is, hands down, high school seniors. Not only do I get to be a big part of this huge milestone for them, but the...
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