Est. Time Required : 20 minutes

Hey there! We are so excited you're reading this! It means you just downloaded your new Bellevue Avenue Presets and are ready to start creating beautifully edited photos in a snap! We spent a lot of time creating presets that will not only give you the seamless social feed you have always wanted, but will also help you truly capture the feel and beauty of your every day life-- no matter how on the go you are! Follow these steps to get your new presets downloaded and ready to go! It should take about 20 minutes, so do keep that in mind.

IMPORTANT: Before following these Installation Instructions, please make sure that you have installed the FREE Lightroom Mobile App.

Step One

Select and purchase the mobile preset collection of your choice.

Step Two

Once your payment is processed, you will see a screen with your order number/thank you for purchase (you will also receive a copy of this info in your email).

You will see this small link that says “click here to download your digital goods.”  Tap that!

Step Three

Tap the preset pack link to begin download.

Step Four

You will see this screen with the zip file. Tap “More…” as shown in image.

Step Five

You will be emailing the preset zip file to yourself, so whether you use Gmail or another email server, tap whichever email app applies to you.

When your email app pops up, type your email address the “To” field of the email, and hit send.

Step Six

Go into your emails and locate the email you just sent yourself. Open it and tap the zip file.

Step Seven

You will see this screen. Tap “Preview Content”.

Step Eight

This black screen is what you should see once you select to preview.

This is the first Preset File you will import to your phone (you'll save the rest of the Preset Files in later steps).

Tap the "Sharing Options" arrow in the lower left corner.

Step Nine

Locate the Lightroom app in your available options for where to copy the Preset File, then tap it.

Step Ten

This is just letting you know the Preset File will be in Lightroom. Go ahead and tap “Got It”.

Swipe over to the next file, and repeat steps 8-10 for the rest of the Preset Files in the pack.

Step Eleven

Launch the Lightroom app from your homescreen.

Step Twelve

Tap the "Library" icon that looks like 3 books.

Step Thirteen

Tap the “All Photos” link to access the Preset Files you previously imported into the Lightroom App.

Step Fourteen

You’ll see the Preset Files you just transferred waiting for you.

Step Fifteen

Tap the first Preset File image. You will then tap the circle with 3 dots in the upper right corner.

Step Sixteen

Tap “Create Preset”.

Step Seventeen

Under "Preset Name", you will type the name of that specific preset. We recommend naming it the same as the name displayed on the Preset File image.

Step Eighteen

Next, you'll need to create a "Preset Group" where your Preset Files will reside.

To do that, tap the drop-down options under "Preset Group".

Step Nineteen

Type the name of the Preset Pack, then tap the check mark in the upper right hand corner.

*NOTE: You only need to create a Preset Group ONCE. For the remaining Preset Files, you will simply select the Preset Group you just created from the Preset Group drop-down menu.

Step Twenty

To save your new preset, tap the small check mark in the upper right hand corner.

*NOTE: Make sure the correct Preset Group is selected.

Step Twenty-One

Tap the small "back" arrow in the upper left corner.

You will repeat steps 14-17 & 20-21 for all of the Preset Files in your pack until all presets are imported.